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EL-USB-CO (Carbon Monoxide – CO Data Logger)

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Product Description

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Data Logger with USB Interface

This standalone data logger measures and stores up to 32,510 Carbon Monoxide (CO) readings over a 0 to 1,000ppm measurement range and -10 to +40°C (14 to +104ºF) operating temperature range. The user can easily set up the logging rate and start time, and download the stored data by plugging the data logger into a PC’s USB port and running the purpose designed software under Windows. The data can then be graphed, printed and exported to other applications. The data logger is supplied complete with a long life lithium battery. Data is stored in non volatile memory and is retained when the battery is empty. A bright red LED will flash and a buzzer can sound when a preset warning level has been exceeded.

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