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Alert Device for EL-WIFI Temperature & RH Sensors

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Product Description

Alert Device for EL-Wifi Temperature & Humidity Sensors

The WiFi-Alert is a standalone monitoring system for all sensor devices in the FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi range. The WiFi-Alert will receive alarm messages from any FilesThruTheAir™ WiFi sensor device connected to the same wireless network. The WiFi-Alert indicates an alarm activation using high brightness LEDs and a choice of nine alarm tones. The Wifi-Alert continues to work when the PC is turned off.

The WiFi-Alert has been designed to be continuously powered via the mains and it is supplied with a choice of UK, EU or US power adaptor. However it does contain a rechargeable lithium polymer battery for device positioning and limited power during the event of a mains failure.

The WiFi signal strength indicator is activated by pressing the WiFi-Alert button three times. All LEDs and a fast beep indicate a strong signal. Limited LEDs and slow beep indicate a weak signal.

The audible alarm can be muted by pressing the WiFi-Alert button once or remotely from the PC software. There is also a configurable auto mute function.

Set-up is completed through software installed on the PC. This software is available to download for free. After initial set-up audible and visual alerts can be re-configured wirelessly using the PC software.

The Wifi-Alert can be attached to a wall or flat surface using the bracket provided, and has a protection rating of IP44 (with cable connected).

EL-Wifi-Alert diagram

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